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Taglines & Excerpts

FDNY FireZone
Fire is powerful. So are you.

Spotrunner Advertising
Television means business.

Providian Visa
Life is expensive. Let us help you manage the cost.

Fitness Revolver
More bang for your butt.

Venus Aura
Wherever life takes you, you’re ready.

Beachbody’s RevAbs
All those in favor of losing fat and gaining a sexy six-pack with RevAbs, raise your shirt

Goosebumps DVD
The scariest place on Earth… is your house…
When you bring home the new Goosebumps on DVD.

Viking River Cruises, Print Copy
It all began with the river. The Nile. The Yangtze. The Rhine. The Danube. The Volga. The Elbe. The Rhone. The Seine… Rivers gave birth to human civilizations on every continent. In fact, large river valleys were the “cradle of civilization” where these peoples emerged. And so to travel by river is to unravel the seeds of our existence.

And it is far more than that. Fascinating cultures. Enchanting destinations. Comfort. Convenience. And breathtaking scenery. All day, every day. There’s no better way to see the world than to travel by river.

Many of the world’s most beautiful cities and towns were developed along waterways, and arriving by water is still how they are best encountered. Simply sail directly to the heart of every destination and walk right off the ship.

To travel by river is to discover more of the places you visit.

Beachbody’s RevAbs, Infomercial
Have you ever wanted to take off your shirt and look like this?
Have you ever wanted to look in the mirror and see flat, toned, sexy abs… Or a strong, defined six-pack?
90 days ago, these people felt just like that, too. And now look at them!
You can finally have ripped abs like these…
Even if you’ve ever been embarrassed to take your shirt off because of your midsection.
Even if you’ve ever pushed someone away because you didn’t want them to feel that muffin top.
Even if you’ve ever done hundreds of sit-ups…
Spent hours on the treadmill…
And tried dozens of diets… but still, never got those flat, washboard abs you wanted!

If feeling confident about your abs—no LOVING your abs—has ever felt impossible… We’re going to show you how you can conquer the impossible and get the abs you want!

Beachbody, the company behind fitness breakthroughs like Insanity, TurboFire and the world-famous P90X, introduces the first program that can absolutely guarantee a total body transformation—and more importantly the tight, toned abs of your dreams—in only 90 days or you pay nothing! Nada. Zip.

That’s right. Depending on your starting point and effort, you will go from this to this…
Or this to this…
Or this to this… Or You. Don’t. Pay.
It’s called RevAbs, the revolutionary fitness program created by network TV trainer sensation Brett Hoebel.

Foodsaver, Infomercial
Host: Hi. I’m about to do something that no one feels good about doing: wasting food. Here’s the cheese we didn’t finish from our party—that’s about $5 worth. Leftovers the kids didn’t eat because they were “yucky”—$3. Half an avocado that didn’t make it into the guacamole—$1. And this is just the beginning. Take a look at this. Freezer burned steaks we never ate—$20. I bought these chicken breasts in bulk because I wanted to save money, and now they’re ruined—that’s another $15 I’m just throwing away. I know you’re familiar with this ritual. In fact, if you’re like me and every other typical American family, we throw away about $600 in spoiled and freezer burned food every year. Well, this year I’m committed to making my food dollars go farther. That’s why I just got the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system, and I can’t wait to start using it.

Ben Stein, for E*Trade, Infomercial
(Ben travels in the passenger’s seat of an E*Trade RV. He speaks to the driver.)
Ben: I’ve always wanted to see America.
Cow: Mmmooooooo.
Ben: That’s a cow, right? The one with the udders. (To camera) I think you may know me. I’m Ben Stein. I answer a lot of hard questions on TV, write about complex financial things in magazines, but we’re not doing that today, we’re not talking about the Peloponnesian War, we’re touring America to teach people how to take control of their financial future using the tools that E*TRADE has available.

E*TRADE is a state-of-the-art, online financial service center, a vital tool that helps you build a better life. How do they do that? E*TRADE makes it easier to get the tools, knowledge and information you need to meet your financial goals and secure your future.

Shirley Temple Video Collection, Infomercial
Everybody loves Shirley Temple. From Baby take a Bow to Curly Top and Heidi, America’s favorite Little Darling cuddled her way into the hearts of millions. In the midst of the Great Depression, Shirley Temple accomplished the unimaginable: she captured the nation with her uplifting films… and single-handedly transformed the movie industry into wholesome entertainment the entire family could enjoy.

She was honored with a special Academy Award for her outstanding contribution… And she did it all before her seventh birthday. Only a child could lift our spirits like this… And she continues to speak to us now through the barrier of time with the language of innocence.

20th Century Fox, The Mighty Saturns – Saturn V, Commercial
In 1961, President Kennedy challenged Americans to walk boldly into the future. Rising to that challenge, NASA began building the Saturn V—the biggest undertaking in the history of US space exploration, resulting in the largest and most powerful rocket ever produced. Now, for the first time, you can relive all the drama and excitement of those first steps. From the NASA archives, Spacecraft Films, and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes The Mighty Saturns, Saturn V.

Softox Anti-Aging Skin Cream, Commercial
Being a woman who’s fully alive can leave a trail of fine lines and wrinkles. But it doesn’t have to. Hi, I’m Cheryl Tiegs. Now it’s possible to grow wise, without having to look old. Now you can express yourself to the fullest, and still have smooth, young-looking skin with Softox, an anti-aging breakthrough that unlocks the healing power of nature. So express yourself. Live. Laugh. Love. And leave the lines behind.

Calgon, Radio Commercial
Dorothy made a big mistake in the land of Oz. She clicked her heels together three times and said, “I want to go home.” She should have said, “Calgon, take me away.” Then she would have found herself riding on waves of bliss, floating on clouds of ecstasy, and swimming in a sea of serenity with the Calgon collection of scented candles, medicinal oils, soothing lotions and body gels, bubbles, splashes, mists and more.

StartMeUp, Radio Commercial
You’ve heard your car make all kinds of noises. (A chorus of coughs, backfires, gears grinding, brakes squeaking, tires squealing). But this might be the worst sound your car can ever make… (Silence) That was the sound of a dead battery. You’ve heard it before, haven’t you? And now that winter’s coming, you might be hearing it again. Well, forget the jumper cables, or desperate calls to the mechanic, or flagging down a nice stranger. Because now there’s a way to recharge your battery, even in the coldest of temperatures, without getting your hands dirty, without making those dangerous battery connections, without even leaving your car…

Symantec AntiVirus Software, Commercial
It could strike at any time, day or night. Whether you’re downloading, copying, emailing, or sharing… A computer virus could destroy all of your information. Your business records, your homework, your personal letters, your address book, and all your million dollar ideas can be gone in a second… unless you’ve got Norton AntiVirus by Symantec — the #1 anti-virus software in the world.

Provence: Coastal Resort and Inland Paradise, Documentary
There are two distinctly different flavors that is now Provence: There are the famous tourist destinations—the beach resorts of the French Riviera: Marseille, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and Monaco; as well as the lively, bustling cities of Avignon, Arles and Aix-en-Provence.

There is also, however, the beautiful but harsh, rugged region that retains the old world values of simplicity and frugality. In this area, Haute Provence, you will not find hillsides covered with vacation villas, shops and galleries, or resort hotels. Instead you’ll hear the cork popping off a wine bottle in one of the town’s drowsy bistros, and you’ll discover markets and antique shops selling regional fabrics, ceramics, and foods, as well as chunky blocks of purple soap crafted from the areas lavender fields. Just about every village in Provence boasts its own workshops and boutiques dedicated to the local specialty.

The Danube River, Documentary
After the Volga in Russia, the Danube is Europe’s longest river and one of the most important transportation arteries on the continent. It stretches twice as long as the Rhine—almost 1,800 miles—through ten countries, and its waters drain into nine more. For this reason, it is considered to be the most international river on the planet.

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A Few Complete Commercials

3M Command Hooks
MOM: Have you ever wished your kids would keep their room looking tidy? Well now it’s possible, thanks to these: Command products from 3M. When everything has a place to go, it’s easier for kids to stay more organized. And we did it together: with no drilling screws or pounding nails, and no holes to patch later!

Simply peel the liner from the Command adhesive strip and press. Command Hooks hold on strongly, and they hold a lot! And when it’s time to take them down, just stretch to release. Command products come off cleanly with no damage to your walls. Now, there’s a Command product to meet all your needs. Hang posters and photos to your heart’s content. Command Hooks are perfect for college dorm rooms when you have to make the best use of a small space. And you need to add your own sense of style. Then at the end of the year, just take it right back down.

Male Announcer: Log on to CommandCoupon.com now and print coupons for up to $2 off Command Products. Then look for a Command Center at a store near you for solutions to all your decorating needs. Log on and save up to $2. Command Products from 3M.

3M Post-its
MOM: Staying organized can be a real challenge. Sometimes it feels like clutter is taking over. But now, it’s easy to take control and get organized with all these fun and colorful Post-it products. Easily create labels for just about anything–no printer required. And because they’re Post-it products, they all stick securely, but remove cleanly, so you can change them around as often as you like.

Post-it Durable Tabs let you instantly organize your files the way you want them. They’re designed to last, and so much easier than the old way. Post-it Removable Label Pads are sticky all over the back so you can simply write, peel and stick a label almost anywhere. And Post-it Label Rolls are easily customizable to any length so you can label just about anything. It feels great to be organized, and it was easy, with Post-it.

Male Announcer: Log on to PostitCoupon.com now to download coupons for up to $2 and get free samples, while supplies last. Then look for the entire line of Post-it products at a store near you. Keep organization simple… with Post-it.

Various People: It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.
The screen went completely black and I panicked.
I kept trying to restart but nothing happened.
All I could think was—my whole life is on this computer and now it’s all gone.
And then I remembered—I have Carbonite!
Thank God for Carbonite.
What a lifesaver!
You don’t ever have to remember to back up your computer because Carbonite does it for you—automatically!
No special equipment. Nothing to hook up or plug in.
And then when you need it, everything you stored on your computer is right there.
Getting my data back was so simple. It’s like it was never gone at all.

Announcer: For just $55 a year, get unlimited online backup with Carbonite. That’s peace-of-mind for just fifteen cents a day. Go to CarboniteTV.com now to try it free for 15 days… Plus get two free months when you decide to buy. With Carbonite, you never have to worry about losing your data again. Don’t wait any longer. Start your free trial at CarboniteTV.com right now.

Want beautiful, energy-efficient windows without all the drama of a typical home improvement project? With Window and Door Replacement by Pella, you can!

Only Pella offers a total, drama-free window replacement experience that ensures your complete satisfaction… from the stunning end results, right through every step of the process. Pella’s No Mess, No Guess Installation Day means your home is in the hands of local experts who respect your home and your time. That’s because Pella’s Expert Installers are trained and certified by Pella. We guarantee our quality work with an installation warranty that’s one of the best in the industry. And we’ll leave your home cleaner than when we came.

The Pella experience goes beyond hassle-free installation. We’ll come to your home for a free, no-pressure consultation that includes product demos, professional measuring and an on-the-spot quote. At Pella, we’ve been trusted by homeowners for 85 years so we’ll make choosing windows for your home easy and enjoyable. With wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows and doors in all price ranges, Pella can offer honest advice about the right choices for your home and your budget—like our triple-pane windows that are up to 74% more energy efficient. Don’t wait any longer to get the perfect windows and doors for your home at a price that fits your budget.

Princess Cruises, Café Selects Coffee Drinks
Note: The words in (parentheses) are both whispered and seen as text onscreen, sort of floating, dreamlike.

You wake up (coffee)
And plan your day (cappuccino, latte, espresso)
Maybe it’s a quiet stroll around the deck (frozen smoothie)
Or reading poolside (white chocolate latte, hot or cold)

Whatever your itinerary, let us suggest that you include Café Selects, our extensive coffee and tea menu available in La Patisserie and International Café locations on the ship. To make it even easier, we offer our exclusive Café Selects coffee card.

Purchase a card for just $24 and you’ll receive 15 coffee bar items of your choice including brewed coffee, cappuccino, espresso, Revolution tea, hot chocolate or any of the Princess Selects coffee bar items on the menu. The coffee card is honored in any location with espresso service, including all bars and dining locations. So stop by La Patisserie and get your coffee card today – just $24, plus a 15% gratuity. And ask about receiving a Princess travel mug as a special souvenir to take home.

Princess Cruises, Signature Collection & Top Deck Drinks
Welcome to your vacation… a time to relax, pamper yourself, and indulge. (Snapshots and sound effect of camera shutter; we see: a happy couple, dancing, etc…)

It’s also an opportunity for a little education. (A graphic of a blackboard: a chalk drawing of a drink umbrella appears. Now we see a succession of cocktails with the name of each drink identified, with only the sound of the camera’s shutter; then, as the word COCKTAIL types out onscreen)

Now, the earliest known printed use of the word “cocktail” was from The Farmer’s Cabinet way back in 1803. It said, and I quote: “Drank a glass of cocktail. Excellent for the head.” (The quote appears onscreen) And excellent advice. We understand. (We see the cocktails again, this time faster as…)

Princess Cruises offers premium ingredients like mango, raspberry and passion fruit purees… as well as premium spirits. (We see the blackboard again and the graphic: premium = the best)

Too many choices? Ask anyone on our bar staff and they’ll be happy to suggest the perfect cocktail for you. After all, it’s been well documented that a glass of cocktail is “excellent for the head.”

Princess Cruises, Crooner’s Martini Bar
The martini. It’s been called “the definitive drink”… “the elixir of quietude”… “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet”… But here on Princess Cruises, the martini has its own mystique, it’s own stature. In fact, it has its own bar—Crooner’s Martini Bar. And at Crooner’s, the martini isn’t just a drink; it’s an event—with 52 different varieties and all of them shaken tableside.

You want all 52 martini recipes? No problem—you can get the whole deck. In fact, you can even pick up souvenir shakers and one-of-a-kind glasses. But best of all, you’ll have the time of your life. So make Crooner’s Martini Bar your number one port of call. Enjoy the 60s Rat Pack-style décor and great nightly entertainment. Oh, and indulge yourself on our complimentary selection of oversized stuffed olives.

Crooner’s Martini Bar. We put the art in Martini. Or something like that.

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Documentary Films, Script Excerpts

Some of the world headlines in the early 1750s may have looked like this:
Young George Washington works as a land surveyor in Ohio.
Benjamin Franklin flies a kite and invents the lightning rod.
Samuel Johnson finishes his Dictionary of the English Language.
And Johann Sebastian Bach, the greatest genius of baroque music, dies.

At the time of his death in 1750, Bach wasn’t yet revered as a composer. Instead, his work was viewed as being old-fashioned in comparison to the new era of music that was just dawning, the Classical period. Bach’s genius would be recognized and his music revived by virtuosos who came after him. Mozart, for example, would become one of his most passionate admirers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born six years after Bach’s death in Salzburg, then part of the Holy Roman Empire, now known as Austria. Mozart’s birth coincided with the birth of Classical music just as the Baroque period ended with Bach’s death. And although Bach composed an astounding number of compositions, over 1000 in his 65 years, Mozart would outpace him by writing over 600 pieces of music in half the time.

The Panama Canal: Controversy & Accomplishment
Although boats have existed since the Stone Age three million years ago, humans didn’t begin using them to transport cargo until about 3,000 BC. By then, cities and trade routes had developed, but the movement of goods was limited to only the navigable waterways. People are industrious, of course, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that by digging waterways of their own, they could connect even more of their cities to the sea.

The ancient Egyptians were the early leaders in canal building. It is believed that their first canal was used to transport heavy stone from the rock quarry to the Nile River. Only in the last few years have experts discovered evidence of a system of canals leading to the Giza Pyramids and the Luxor Temple. Instead of hauling the enormous obelisks and statues over land as we once believed, it’s more likely that the pyramids were constructed through the use of canals. The Egyptians are said to have built 80 canals, up to 100 miles long—the most famous of which connected the Nile to the Red Sea and would later evolve into the Suez Canal.

The Suez Canal, which opened in 1869, connected the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and allowed water transportation between the West and the East without having to circumnavigate Africa. French developer Ferdinand de Lesseps is credited with being the force behind the project. His background as a diplomat made him perfect for the international venture, and after its completion he was appointed by public opinion to repeat the success by building a canal through Panama. Forging a more efficient trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans had been a long-standing goal, but now, with the increase of settlers to the west coast and the discovery of gold in California, it was a necessity.

The French broke ground in Panama in 1882, and although this new canal would be less than half as long as the Suez—only about 50 miles—conditions in Panama were far more challenging than the flat, sandy deserts of Egypt. Instead, workers in Panama faced rising mountains, impenetrable jungles, deep swamps, torrential rains, debilitating heat and humidity, virulent disease, and some of the most geologically complex land formations in the world.

It was for these reasons that all previous attempts to construct a canal through Panama had not just been abandoned, but they had been deemed impossible. Centuries before, in the early 1500s, when the project was first imagined, it had defeated the technical expertise of both Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. It should have come as no surprise that it would also defy the French, even under the leadership of their hero de Lesseps. Brutal working conditions, yellow fever and malaria claimed an estimated 22,000 lives and $260 million before the project finally went bankrupt seven years after first breaking ground.

Glacier Bay National Park
National Park Service Host:
Hi, I’m David Deyette, one of the rangers here in Glacier Bay, and it’s my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve – 3.3 million acres of magnificent wilderness, with thundering tidewater glaciers, as well as orca and humpback whales, sea otters, porpoises, harbor seals, moose, mountain goats, and black and brown bears, to name a few of the creatures that call this place home.

Welcome to the wonders of Glacier Bay. I hope you have an unforgettable journey.

The glaciers you will see began as snowflakes high in the upper reaches of the Fairweather mountains. As the snowfall accumulates and compresses into solid ice, gravity starts to take hold and it begins to move its way down slope at up to 10-15 feet per day. Once the ice begins to travel, it’s called a glacier, and as it travels it pulls rocks from the mountain face. Acting like a giant rasp, it cuts valleys and fjords through the bedrock as it moves downward. For some of Glacier Bay’s glaciers, the time it takes for a snowflake to go through this cycle and reach its end, or terminus, at the water’s edge is estimated to be about 200 years.

As you enter Glacier Bay, you will travel along shorelines that were completely covered by ice just 250 years ago. In fact, the advance of the mighty glacier pushed the Tlingit people out of Glacier Bay, their ancestral homeland. When Captain George Vancouver explored the area in 1794, he sailed past the Bay without even knowing it was there. All he saw was a gigantic wall of ice 400 feet high, 20 miles wide, more than 4,000 feet thick, and stretching north 100 miles to the St. Elias Mountains bordering British Columbia. However, a hundred years later, naturalist John Muir found that the glacier had retreated almost 50 miles. A retreat this rapid has not been recorded anywhere else in the world. This glacial withdrawal continues today except for several glaciers on the west side that are advancing, such as the Johns Hopkins Glacier, or remaining stable, such as the Margerie Glacier.

Within the last few generations as the glacial ice has retreated, newly bared land has changed from sterile piles of rubble—called moraines or bare rock—to a mosaic of pioneering plants. As mosses and lichens improved the soil layer with the build up of nutrients, the soil began to nourish and support alder, willow, cottonwood, and spruce. The continual plant succession led to habitation, first by small mammals such as marmots, shrews and voles, and then by larger mammals like bear, moose and coyote. Today, they roam throughout the recently de-glaciated terrains and wooded areas, feeding on plants, fish and smaller animals.

The Three Gorges Dam
Making far-reaching global impact has been a part of the Chinese legacy—first with the world’s longest continuously used written language system, and then, a string of world-changing inventions like paper, the compass gunpowder and printing.

On a more profound scale there is, of course, the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. And now, there is the Three Gorges Dam. When the Communist Party leaders broke ground on the Three Gorges project in 1994, they promised that China could build the world’s biggest dam, manage the world’s biggest human resettlement, and also protect the environment.

They projected that the dam would control flooding, increase river shipping, improve navigation safety, and cut transportation costs, all while providing electricity to rural provinces. They boasted that when the world’s largest hydroelectric station was fully operational in 2009 it would generate the equivalent of over 10,000 barrels of oil an hour and reduce their coal consumption by 31 million tons per year. The Chinese government insisted that it would be self-financing before it was even finished, and that all the debt would be repaid within ten years of full operation.

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Movie Promos

The most-watched miniseries ever broadcast.
An epic drama that silenced the country as half the U.S. population tuned in to one of the most important television events in history. From the number one bestselling book, winner of the Pulitzer Prize… Alex Haley’s Roots… a gripping, unforgettable journey of one family’s fight for freedom that began with Kunta Kinte and raged on through seven generations. To understand our legacy we must rediscover our roots.

Fellini’s Rome
Frederico Fellini is one of the most respected filmmaker’s of all time. With a career spanning more than four decades and twelve Academy Award nominations for writing and directing, few can match his legacy. The 1972 autobiographical Roma, takes you on a journey from his arrival in Rome under the strong arm of Mussolini, to a present-day romp through brothels, subways, and even an unforgettable fashion show. Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language film, Fellini’s Roma is a true Italian delicacy.

The Last Waltz
Before Martin Scorsese became known as a master of dark and gritty films like Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, he was a music lover with two albums to his credit and co-editer of Woodstock. The Last Waltz, made in 1978, was the first film to take full advantage of Dolby surround sound and documents one of the greatest ensembles in the history of rock music. The Band’s momentous farewell features concert footage with interviews and performances by legendary musicians like Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters, Ron Wood, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.

Father’s Day
From the writers of Parenthood and City Slickers comes this sentimental comedy, Father’s Day. When her teenage son runs away, a woman convinces her two ex-boyfriends that they’re each the boy’s father in an effort to get them to join the search. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal are the mismatched fathers, an odd couple of polar opposites, who explore their parenting instincts and discover the reason why some animals eat their young.

The Academy Award-winning director of Forrest Gump and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Contact take you on an unforgettable journey of faith and inspiration to the heart of the Universe. Jodie Foster plays a rebellious radio astronomer who is all alone in this big world. But when she translates a message from outer space, she discovers that the aliens don’t want to come to us, they’re instead sending instructions on how to get to them. With some of the most stunning visual and emotional moments on screen, Contact is a powerful look at how an exploration of outer space sheds light on inner dimension.

Being There
Before there was Rain Man… And before there was Forrest Gump… There was Chance the gardener. From the director of Harold and Maude, Shampoo, and Coming Home comes this unforgettable, award-winning satire of the American Myth. Shirley Maclaine. Melvyn Douglas. And Peter Sellars. In a classic film where life is a state of mind… and getting there isn’t nearly as much fun as Being There.

Jacques Cousteau’s Search for Atlantis
For sixty years, one legendary explorer uncovered the mysteries of vast underwater worlds.
Jacques Cousteau gave the oceans a voice… and that voice speaks to us about the origins of life with a soft, French accent. Unravel the mystery of time with Jacques Cousteau as he searches for the long lost civilization of Atlantis. To see it is to believe.

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Concert Promos

Through ten years of New Wave, twisted enthusiasm, neon mini-skirts, trashy prom dresses and mile-high hair… the B-52s have proven that they do not mellow with age. Skip through the first decade with the ultimate party band in this compilation video that highlights their historical slaphappiness. Drop the bomb and join the party.

Frank Sinatra
The Chairman of the Board…
The Sultan of Swoon…
The Padrone of Popular Song…
Or quite simply, the Voice.
For 60 years, Frank Sinatra was loved, admired, and much imitated but never surpassed. Coming out of an early retirement in 1973, Sinatra teamed up with the legendary Count Basie. Take a walk through the pages of music history with The Man and His Music.

BB King
BB King has one goal: he wants to be remembered. And so for forty years, the Beale Street Blues Boy has broken through the barriers of race and national boundaries with his own blend of gospel and jazz, transforming it from folksong to popular music, and influencing generations of musicians to come. And now, joining him in concert, are some of the those musicians, legends in their own right: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul Butterfield, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Chaka Khan, Albert King, and Gladys Knight among them. One stage, one concert, the experience of a lifetime. BB King and Friends.

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton’s passion for the blues was so consuming, he kept getting kicked out of class for playing the guitar. With his career options limited, he set out to start a musical revolution… and for thirty years he’s been breaking new ground. Already inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame twice, as a member of the Yardbirds and Cream, Clapton is destined for a third appearance for his solo career. His heart-wrenching acoustic album won six Grammy’s in 1994. And here, performing Signe, Hey Hey, Layla, Running on Faith, Malted Milk, and more… Eric Clapton is Unplugged, and defining the power of emotional truth in music.

Quincy Jones and Miles Davis
Two men. A century of unparalleled genius. A historical milestone. One of the most important musical events ever recorded… and never before seen on television. If there is a stage big enough to embody spiritual reverie it is Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, Live at the Montreux. This performance of the historic Gil Evans arrangements from the Miles Ahead, Porgy and Bess, and Sketches of Spain sessions, garnered a Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Performance. But more importantly it combined the talents of two visionaries whose success and inspiration is unequaled the world over. Stop time. Revisit history. Touch the soul of the masters. Quincy Jones and Miles Davis.

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